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Sat, Nov. 17th, 2007, 03:38 pm
nonplus86: 0-4

"I'd rather lose to Appalachian State than Ohio State"
agreed Mike Hart. But thanks to probably your worst ever performance as a Wolverine, Michigan has gone 0-4 to Ohio State the last 4 years. The first time that has happened since 1960-63 before Bo coached the maize and blue.

As a Michigan fan, this is probably the lowest point of my fanhood for the maize and blue.

Henne, Long, and Hart came back for 1 reason. To beat Ohio State. I think its fair to say that the 3 of them all played their worst games ever as Wolverines.

Jake Long gave up his only sack all season and couldn't block worth a damn for Mike Hart who finished with just 43 yards rushing on 18 carries. An average of 2.3 YPC.

Chad Henne had a sparkling 32.4% completion percentage. That's no misprint. And finished with 71 yards passing. No touchdowns. Hell, Mallett came in for a series and threw 3 passes, completing 1 of them and had a better completion percentage.

While we're at it, we can't leave out Mario Manningham who dropped at least 4 passes that I counted.

Ohio State has a great defense, but you can only compliment them so much. It was a wet day, but you can only blame the weather so much. Henne and Hart were nursing injuries but you can only blame that so much.

The fact is that 3 players that could have gone to the NFL all came back for this game and laid a collective goose egg to go 0-4 against Ohio State.

Years later we will look back on 3 of the greatest players in Michigan history....statistically and then shake our heads at that record. What a shame. They could have been legends, now they will just be 3 good players that couldn't win the big one.

Lloyd Carr's nosedive now complete, he will hopefully step down with his head hung low. A once proud coach with a great program finishing his career with a loss to a Division I-AA program, an embarrassment at home against Oregon and to top it off an 0-4 finish against Ohio State, thus giving him a career record of 6-7 against the Buckeyes but only 1-4 against the evil Captain Sweater Vest.

We Michigan Fans have been torn back and forth on Carr, myself included, but this was probably the worst way his career at Michigan could have ended. In a season where he was set up to dominate offensively at least. A combination of misfortune due to injuries, poor coaching decisions, and who knows what else resulted in an 8-4 season but it feels much worse than that.

Ohio State will go to the Rosebowl. Illinois will almost assuredly take the Citrus Bowl, and Michigan will be relegated to the Outback. Dare I say, I expect we'll lose to whoever we're up against.

Now, we sit, wait, and hope. Les Miles is the prime candidate to replace Carr, if he even retires and at this point, I sure as hell hope he does. However, should Carr have a hand in picking his replacement, its believed that Les Miles will not be it. Carr is rumored to favor Kirk Ferentz *shudder* or Cam Cameron *double shudder*

all speculation I know, but I don't see this program jumping to the next level under either of them. Les Miles brings the best hope for change, and that is what this program so desperately needs.

Sun, Nov. 18th, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)

All I can say if it is true that Coach is retiring is, "Thank you, Lloyd." He improved our team's winning percentage, got us a National Championship, and ran a clean program with respect and class. He took over the program after an embarrassing incident back in 1995 thrust him into the spotlight, and did a great job with it.

Hold your head up high, Coach--I'm happy, and good luck in your future endeavours.

Mon, Nov. 19th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)

In some respect, I agree with you. There is no one out there that runs a program with more class than Lloyd Carr did. But Michigan is no longer about winning [or making] Rosebowls. The Rosebowl is no longer granddaddy of all bowls. Michigan needs to be about winning championships now. I think Carr is disgusted that the game has come to that, but lets face it, we all know his playbook is perpetually stuck in the 80s and there's only so much of you that can deal with that for so long.

Thank you Lloyd for never bringing Michigan even within the realm of possible scandal or penalty. Thank you for a national title in 1997. And thank you for realizing that the game has passed you by and stepping down at the right time.